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I went out on Saturday! I really want to blog about my night but before that, I once again took pictures of my outfits for a week so I couldn’t let my effort go to waste:


I wore flats for maybe the second time to university this year! And when I saw my friends, instantly it was “Why are you wearing flats?” Haha I liked them! They were only $5! and they looked classy! Top jacket from the P word, shoes from Rubi, jeans from JeansWest


Hiding nicely behind my door so that the parentals don’t see me repeatedly taking photos of myself :/

And with my door closed. Hooray!


Jeans jacket from my aunt, t shirt from Jay Jays, skirt from I don’t know where I’ve had it forever. Necklace from Samoa when my friend went there for a holiday ( or for the Americans, vacation) and bought me back a souvenir. It’s a little turtle carved out of coconut shell with the letter E in the middle 🙂 Becoth my name thtarth with an E 🙂

Wearing the elusive Doc Martens! I don’t where them often because I am short and they have no heel, and they are heavy to walk in 🙁 My mum bought them when she was my age. Score!


And do my legs look skinny here or not!!

And that is what I wore to uni for a week. Yusss now I can actually get to writing my post about my night! 😀

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