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Another week, and more outfits. I don’t know why I take pictures of my outfits- I’m not particularly fashionable or modelesque. I think it’s because I would want to know what someone wore to university every day. I don’t know. Maybe I’m only interested because this is about me, and I love talking about me. I am self centred like that.

Okay Monday!

Eeurgh. I took this after uni ended, and on mondays, it ends at 6 so I get home at 7, hence the bad lighting and my tired eyes haha. I wanted to take this in the morning but like always, I was rushing and I couldn’t miss my bus πŸ™ And my fake Chanel jacket! Okay it’s not fake, it’s just a Pagani jacket that has used the jacket as *inspiration*. I felt guilty buying this not because of that but because before they came out I raged on about how it looked cheap and made of recycled rubbish bags to my coworkers.

Yeah, who’s wearing one now. Please don’t remind me of my hypocrisy.

My nail polish which was actually quite opaque for a $3 one. I think it needed jsut one more coat for it to look eztraordinary.


My karma bracelet! It was 3 for $10 but my friend wanted one too so it was only like, $3.33 recurring or something..?

Here’s whatit really looks like and the other one I bought:

 I liked this one because it was pastel, the green rock reminded me of jade which is good in Chinese culture, and it had a beady thing and Taemin (I would call him my celeb crush but I think it is demeaning to call him that when we are going to get married) always wears a beady rosary bracelet that his mother gave him.
I like this one the best and wear it nearly everyday! I’m wearing it now too atm πŸ™‚

I got this one because this is the sort of thing that I would naturally be drawn to.The colours are so bright and  and bold and me. And it had an Om hand. I thought it was cool. But I haven’t worn it yet and I don’t know whether I should have bought it or not.

Chain rope thing necklace from Pagani.

And remember this bag I bought at pagani??

It’s a fucking piece of cheap shit! First the handle bit that attaches to the bag was pulling away. So okay, sewed that up. But now the actual handle is ripping. Piece of shit! I had only been using it for a few months too! Moral of the story: Never buy cheap bags. Save your money and buy a good one because you will be spending the same money buying a new one anyway.
The ring which I like to call my ‘engagement ring’ because it looks like one and it fits really well on my wedding finger haha. I want to wear it on my right hand but you know how one hand is slightly bigger than the other? well my right hand is bigger than my left so this ring sort of cuts off circulation. It is a perfect fit for my wedding finger on my left hand though. They say (well I say) that you should love yourself before you can love anyone else. And I love myself the most atm because I don’t have a boyfriend so I am fucking engaged to myself okay. Don’t judge.
Twas a jeans and fake chanel sort of day. Jeans from Glassons, bracelets from…. 
I don’t know…Lippy? Dotti?
If you ever wanted to know what my bedside table looked like, viola!
I finally managed to snap a pic of my double piercing chyeaah! I once wore some Diva earrings and they stained my ears grey because they were cheap metal. They also stained all my friends’ ears too.I know this is sort of going off on a tangent but I was thinking about earrings and I thought I would share that review with you.
The cat’s meooow! Jumper from Valleygirl, skirt from ma mutha!
The cat’s meeeoow and my pocketwatch necklace πŸ™‚
What I was wearing underneath my jumper, with no accessories. the skeleton of my outfit, and with no makeup too. Dammmnn I look like I’ve been crying. But I haven’t! – its because there is no eyeliner and eyes are not exactly the largest grapes on the vine (haha just made that simile now do you see why I came first in English in my school hahaha)

Top from the P word. Pagani.
Thursday was my performance communication class where I had to perform individually. I read a children’s book called Kiss Kiss!
I thought this would be appropriate for my target audience of 5 year olds. Jumper from Jay Jays, necklace from the P word ( I really don’t want to say it so much in case they decide to google search and find me), jeans from… dotti I think..
At my height of 4’11. Yeah, we won’t talk about that.
Potion bottle necklace from the P word. Fav filter ‘dirty mirror’ working it’s magic.
And Friday, where I go work at the P word.
errrrryythaaang is P word.
See, I’m not lying about my name because it’s on my name badge!
Happy happy because I you have smile in pictures. I don’t think I was actually happy haha.
I’ll leave you with a pic of me looking like I have brown hair and very brown eyes! No photoshop, I swear!!

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