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Inevitably, in an Asian’s lifespan, one will want to die their hair. Whether it’s because we all look the same and crave any sort of way to differentiate ourselves from one another, or because we want to look white or because we think we look prettier, I don’t really know.

Except a lot of Asians get that brownish gingery colour that is pretty much trademarked by Asians now haha so I think that defeats the purpose of looking different…

I wanted a dark brown colour! I was fixated on the idea of dying my hair. I mean, I’m turning 19! That’s old!And I don’t want to be one of those grannies dying their hair when they are 30 because they never did as teenagers because they were too scared! And I admit I hoped it would make me look better :/

You can see my view on aging is warped when I say a 30 year old is granny age haha.

Anyway here is my hair before I dyed it

My black hair looking nice and black and goddamn oily when it ISN’T! This was taken on a really bad hair day when I got to sleep in so I slept on my face and my fringe was sticking up when I got I tried straightening it and it stuck out of my head on like, a 45 degree angle. So I had to pin it out of my face πŸ˜›

I researched heaps online before I died my hair. I learnt that Palty Japanese hair dye is really good for asian hair so if you have access to that you definitely should get it. It costs like around $24 NZD maybe?

It looks like this:

So Asian haha. I wasn’t prepared to spent that much on hair dye that I wasn’t sure was going to work though.

I also learnt that you should get a colour that looks ashy, and also not to go for a really blonde colour even though everyone says thats the only way asian hair can get dyed. You need an ashy colour because one that is brassy or shiny will make you ginggggaaaaa!!! Seriously, that colour is so detestable, it’s like my worst nightmare!

I bought this on special, a foam one because I figured that would do the least damage if it all went to shit:

It says its nice and easy haha..

So I went to my friend’s house to do it because I wasn’t too sure of what my parents would say and because she and her sister have experience sort of in home dying hair. Okay, not really, but she seems to know what she does and I trust her πŸ™‚

And the dye stained one of my friend’s dining chairs! I am so so sorry πŸ™

And it turned out okay!

See? Sort of brown where the light hits my hair. Except you can’t really see it in my ends,  can you?

The bad thing is that you can only see it if my hair is directly under a light :/

Compared to my black hair picture which was taken at the exact same spot, my hair is noticeably lighter, don’t cha think?

I came home and no one seemed to notice but then my parents totally saw because I was talking so much that they had to look at me.

And they were like “why didn’t you dye your hair lighter? You can’t really see it.” except in Cantonese.

Unpredictable asian parents -________________________-

My mum said that its because I used a foam instead of a liquid one. So I am waiting for when this colour sort of fades so I can dye it again but with a paint-y one πŸ™‚

So tips:
– Get a light brown or a dark blonde that looks ashy on the picture- no shiny brassy ones unless you want that ginger brown asian look!
– Brown and dark brown will NOT show up. Don’t kid yourself, it won’t.

And um, I think that sort of ends my post πŸ˜›

Here is a pic of me looking pedo

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