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I decided to go out to eat a double down with my lovely friend Melanie 🙂

A double down is from KFC and it is like a burger except instead of buns it has chicken. My other friend called it a heart attack and refused to eat it with me or let me eat one, but Melanie is my bestest buddy and I knew we both were keen haha 😀

This is what it looks like.

Okay, I can’t help but mention the price. It was $8.90 on it’s own, $9.90 with a drink and $10.90 with chips.

Whattt?? that is like a price of a proper meal!! And the double down is small, and the drink and chips are small too! I wish I had thought about walking to the supermarket to buy a drink but I was not thinking and bought the entire combo as I was thirsty. I don’t regret buying it because I really wanted to try it but it was expensivve!! I don’t even buy tops for $10!

The double down is nice! The chicken was not dry, the cheese was ymmmy and artificial,  but I am not too big of a fan of bacon…I had the classic one. I actually liked it but it was too small and I was not full after that 🙁

This is my friend Melanie proudly holding her double down 🙂

Me holding my double down haha! I couldn’t help but notice my eyes are uneven. See how they look different shaped? Maybe it’s because my cheek is pushing up the other one. But seriously, my right eye is smaller than my left one, I notice everyday when I put on eyeliner haha. I don’t know whether it’s because I draw it on differently? I don’t even know..

I have an unhealthy love of chicken and chips. I go to this place in the city called Midcity Kebab to get a snackbox, which is regular chips and a deep fried chicken thigh for $4.50.. This particular week I went to Midcity Kebab every day, because when I didn’t get one, my friend did. Now I think one of them recognises me- we call him Blue Eyes because he’s Middle Eastern with blue eyes and he gave me an extra thigh!!! I didn’t know until I was rooting around for chips!!

But now I don’t know if it’s because I stole someone else’s order…

And the only shot I could get of my other brada Brittney 🙁

We used to be cool and call ourselves the trio and even had a handshake. But we forgot it 🙁

I think the universe wants us to remain friends because once we hadn’t seen each other in ages and we all bumped into each other in an underground parking lot of a supermarket. I was going to rent a movie for uni, Britt was going to buy dinner after her golfing, Mel was going to her pink scooter because that’s where she parked it everyday before catching a bus to her uni..

you should have heard us screaming haha it was glorious :’)

Then we went to Tai Ping and had a nosey. Tai Ping is an Asian supermarket.. I sound like we are obsessed with supermarkets :/

Here is Melanie proudly holding two durians 🙂

And then I got my ears double pierced!

 I had a photo but the camera had flash so my ear looks so horrible 🙁 I edited it but it still wasn’t worthy. I really like my ears now though!

And then I watched Melanie get her eyebrows threaded and made her chortle wetly and cry a single tear while the Indian lady threading them gave me blank disapproving stares. /watch out there’s a badass over here/ haha 😀

And then we saw these matching beanies which were only $10 and I should’ve bought one it cost less than my double down I don’t know we didn’t get it 🙁 tomorrow I am going to that store again before work and looking for it!! I can’t believe I missed this opportunity!

The beanie is a bear face :””””'( sooooooo cuuuuuttteeee wwwhhhhyyyy dddiiiddnn”ttt iiii ggeeettt iiittttt
waaaaaaeee boooohhooooooo
Don’t worry bearbeanie. I’m coming to find you tomorrow 🙁 don’t cry too hard, please wait patiently for me
And then I went to work.

Here is a pic of me looking like a horror movie taken with my webcam!

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