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You know in the movies where a guy and a girl wait at a busstop and then the guy initiates conversation with the girl and tries to get with her?


I was in a bit of a >:( mood because Auckland uses this card called the hop card which you use for buses. You scan it once to get on and then once to get off. Except two of the times which I had been on the bus the bus driver had reset the system, so when I used my bus card this morning, it said penalty applied. And then the bus driver reset it AGAIN after I got on!

Seriously though, that bus was nearly an hour late because the dude next to me was talking angrily in Mandarin into his phone because he was late and then two of the same bus came.

New Zealand public transport is actually shit. They couldn’t get their act together for the Rugby World Cup when it was held in NZ (the train system shut down) so I don’t know how they can do anything if they manage to fuck up an event should have had meticulous planning, and all a train needs to do is get from A to B? Whoever is the Transport Minister really needs to be fired..

Idk about the other forms, but NZ buses are notorious for being late and expensive. You wonder why NZ has the most amount of cars per person when the buses are so unreliable!!

But anyways. I had just come back from eating chicken and chips with my friend at McDonalds (yes, look out, we have a badass over here, eating food from other places in McDs :O). The chicken and chips guy had once again given me more because I go there so many times, so instead of a thigh, he gave me the back? anyway, it had the butt bit on it. And i was like :/

Nice gesture but I don’t want the butt bit!!

And so me and my friend go to sit down and this guys like “oh hey, you can sit down on my place, I’m going to be standing up soon anyways.” And I was like ‘oh how chivalrous of him’ because we were sitting on the steps of a building while he was on an actual seat, but we were like no, it’s fine.

And then immediately he extends his hand and is like “I’m Danny by the way.” So I shook his hand even though that is the oddest thing to do, I think the last person I shook hands with was my school principal at prizegiving lahahaha.

And so I’m like “I’m Esther,”

And he’s like “Esther.That’s a beautiful name.”

And then I was like, oh fuck. I know what this guy wants. He was pretty young looking, and he wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good either. He had a skateboard, a shaven head and lots of chest hair. He was slim, but still, no!

Later my friend was like “you could have said your name was babushka and he would have said it was a beautiful name.” haha!

So he said “what do you do?”

And I was like “Bachelor of Communications at AUT, blah de blah” and he was like “oh, sensible and smart.”

Oh God! Cue small talk about the weather, jobs, and whether he had enough money to catch a bus that day. For all you keen ladies out there, Danny is a concierge at some hotel, likes skateboarding, lives in Sandringham and thinks Wendy’s is the best fast food restaurant.

Then the bus came and he didn’t have enough money for it, and he kept having a fat stare when we were on the bus, so I did an awkward wave, trying not to look like I was laughing at him but rather at life in general because I am a cheerful girl haha.

Ommgggg haha it makes me laugh when I think about how random that was.

Oh. And on the day I went to the So Hot Chinese Restaurant, some truck drivers were like “I’ve lost my number. Can I have yours?” to me outside their window.. and I was just like “No, it’s okay, you’ll find it.”

Talk about lame response!

I don’t know whether seeing guys this bold is a good or a bad thing. I think it’s great that guys actually have the guts to try approach girls nicely, but at the same time it’s a bit sliiimmmyyyy.

My friend with me today also had a guy attempt to seduce her when she was walking in the city on her lunch break and a guy in a purple suit started talking to her and asking her all these questions and she had to lie and say she had a boyfriend but he kept pestering her to go for a drink with him sometime.

When she asked why he was doing this he said “how else do you meet girls?”

I know it’s superficial, but it would have been any girl’s dream if any of the guys were goodlooking. Girls always complain that guys never try initiate anything and are getting complacent and the girls have to do the chasing, but the truth is that the guys do try- the good looking prince ones however don’t need to because the girls come to them, and they only chase those that are close to them and worth it in their eyes.

If they’re not too good looking it’s sleazy and if they are it’s romantic. Another reason for why guys need to pay attention to their appearances. And for all the teenage boys crying over how girls friendzone them and don’t see them on 9gag, oh they do. We do see you. We do get the vibes, we know you are always there for a chat or a text for a reason. We know why you remember the things we tell you, and why you find us on fb and try to always fb chat. Girls put boys in friendzones and we know it. We say ‘you are like a brother’ and ‘you are my best friend’ and ‘where are the boys that can treat me well’ because we want to remind in your face of the boundaries we have set up and that we will never, EVER be (back) together. You are a FRIEND, and you’re never going to be seen as anything else, and if you dare confess, I’l run a mile.

If you are a boy reading this, if a girl is friendzoning you, she knows it too, so move on! Nothing is going to happen there. Find someone new! You deserve better!

Because if a girl tells you that you are the brother she never had, she is telling you that you hold the exact same romantic value as you have toward your own brother.

And if you are in a public space and you see a really hot girl and she doesn’t seem to notice you or look your way at all, she’s not interested. And shaking hands is awkward. Omgaah I shook a random’s hand and now I’m eating chocolate. Thank buddha I washed my hands!

But! if she keeps stealing glances at you, or you keep meeting her eyes, get stuck in there mate haha! Maybe you will have better luck picking up at a bus stop than poor Danny and me.

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