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Here’s the sitch (situation): some annoying know it all guy who has no idea of social fb etiquette, such as commenting on the pictures of girls he doesn’t talk to, commenting on statuses of those that don’t really know him, making retarded jokes that aren’t funny and just being an all round kill joy of facebook. You know that guy that randomly comments on the status and just kills it because no one knows who he is and his comment was just so weird that no one wants to get involved and comment back?
Yeah, that’s him.
Well, I have two essays atm to finish and I felt like procrastinating, and I am already in an irritable mood. And his facebook status is ‘Haven’t seen the Dark Knight Rises. Heard it’s a movie worth dying for.’ Then underneath he writes ‘too soon?:P’
Eeurgh! I’m not being moralistic or something but… what? You don’t make fun of a shooting! I’m not offended or anything, but it’s just wrong. It’s just not funny! Like, no respect at all! And he is always harping on about Aristotle and  saying how he is this philosopher and shit. Um? Aristotle pretty much founded Virtue Ethics, which is the theory that you should live your life trying to be virtuous- which means being benevolent, fair, have temperence and some other ‘nice’ attributes haha.
I don’t follow Virtue Ethics and I’m not trying to tell him how to live. I don’t like judgemental people and people who tell you to how to live your life (Xiaxue talks about it a lot). But I can’t stand ignorant people who think they are the bombdiggity.  Honestly I couldn’t give a shit about him. All I want is for him to shut up. If he had said this in real life, I would have told him to shut up. Who says that? That’s just weird. Like I want to make sure that he knows I am scoffing at this. And because I am mean and like pulling people that deserve it down to earth. You are not funny. This sort of status is not okay. And I think it really offended my American friend, who was really angry and called him a moron (but I don’t think that was an insult that best suited his disgust haha).
So I commented, trying to be neutral but not really: ‘You shouldn’t make fun of things you don’t understand..’ 
So, sort of offensive, but not too much. He deserved it.. Moral support for American friend who commented asking him why he would joke about that sort of thing. 
and I got likes. hooray! zomg this is bad. I’m talking about a facebook fight.
So he replied with some long paragraph about how people (me) shouldn’t be butthurt, that this wouldn’t offend the families because it was not like they would ever know, to stop clogging up his inbox and to stop all this ‘moral shit’ and ‘acting like the moral authority around here.’
This was because some other people had voiced their disapproval too.
God, he is RIDICULOUS.
Because 1)- he is the person in real life who doesn’t say things like ‘butthurt’ and swear. We ALL know he is just using the ‘cool’ internet terminology to make himself look hip on facebook. Who says butthurt? 13 year old boys who think they are trolls and reply to everything with ‘u mad bro?’ or a troll face meme. Ffs, if your looking for an argument, at least give it a good and clever shot.
2) No one clogged up his inbox. I know that is a lie. as IF. He doesn’t have enough people that could give a fuck to even do that! This is facebook, we all know you and don’t hate you (we’re FB friends for a reason), we’re not going to be sending you hater mails. We’re not that mean!
3) Moral authority is rich coming from someone who posts statuses about how we should all be fascists or communists or something like that or was it socialist? I forget what. Against capitalism anyway, because it’s cool to be against capitalism. Pish! Posh!
So I said that he was “looking for attention and that I wasn’t offended, that you just don’t talk about that stuff. Your inbox was not being clogged. You’re weird, moral authoritarian out!” Word for word.
And then he says “HA! Attention seeking?”
and “What do you call this?”
and it’s a link to some guy on youtube going on about how he doesn’t care about the Colorado shootings.
And I said ‘attention seeking.’
And he was like “it’s funny how you class both of us as attention seeking when we are so different. I just thought it was funny because the joke has a double entendre. You are blowing it out of proportion.” yadda yadda more stuff about me being a hater and shit. 

I’m not the one blowing it out of proportion?? This is actually the full story, I did not leave any comments out and is word to word. I made sure that my comments were brief and non committing.  But since you asked for it, here it is:

You are both attention seeking! He is braver than you in his seeking, but your motives are the same. Did he really think that everyone was going to find it funny and like it and congratulate him on a joke that he didn’t even make up? He wanted attention, it’s the only reason why you even post stuff on facebook in the first place. While he might not have been malicious, he still wanted attention and I gave it to him. And excuse my awful language, but why is he being ‘butthurt’ over when I call him attention seeking? That’s what he is doing!! It’s not an insult. It’s a statement!
.He totally did it because it was controversial. I think what makes it even more redonkulous is that everything I said and other people said we would have voiced it in real life too, but what he said was totally out of character. I think this is a case of hiding behind a keyboard. With such an epic reaction (he wrote paragraphs guys, paragraphs!) I have to wonder, had he already been planning this and his argument out? Was he looking for a fight? Because it got a lot of attention. Haha Everyone loves seeing shit going down on FB!
It was fun. I was literally shaking from excitement, my whole desk was shuddering. So much more fun than writing essays. Whenever I saw the notifications of more people liking my comments and him replying I actually smiled in real life. Over a pissy FB fight haha.

Looks like me and trollers have some things in common. I need to save a jpg of the troll face and ‘u mad bro’ for appropriate occasions.

Moral authoritarian out! Maybe one day, he’ll see this and write paragraphs in my comments. I wait for that day seriously!! Wait around for round two soon!

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