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Aargh! rude girl who is unintentionally rude but is still rude strikes again! I have concluded that she isn’t rude but more, totally unappropriate. Hereonafter, subject shall be referred to as ‘totes inappropes girl’.

I was wheeling a trolley/shopping cart fulled with clothes because my store was undergoing renovation and we needed to move all the stock back into the store. So I was wheeling it as I was, and totes inappropes girl says “oh my gosh, watch out. asian driver.”
 Um. Okay. Totally inappropriate!

I wasn’t offended because I knew she didn’t have any malice behind it. She wanted to joke with me. Me, being the mature person that I am, understood that, so I didn’t get offended.

But totes inappropes girl! This is only the SECOND time I’ve met you! Only my FRIENDS can make jokes like that without being totally inappropriate! I do not know you, DON’T ACT LIKE YOU ARE MY FRIEND! If you want to make jokes like that with me, then get to know me! Get comfortable with me! But don’t do that!

So I made the obligatory vodka moonshine joke back. Guess what nationality she is haha! I hope she doesn’t read this. If she is, then please! You are really nice! You are interesting and sweet! But please, please think about whether the situation is appropriate before you break out your wit, i.e. racist jokes!

And she is older than me. You think she would know better. But I look at her like she is younger than me because she goes to high school. And omg she calls me hun. You know, hun/hunie/honey. Um. I’m like, sort of older than you. I have only spoken to you once. And I’ve been working there longer than you have (which is only by like, a week -_-) No, I don’t even care about the last two reasons.
I just feel very weird being called hun by a high school kid -_-

Haha I’ve been watching too many korean variety shows. I want to say ‘how dare she say that to her sunbae!’, which means upperclassman. Koreans are big on honorifics, yo. She would have never done that if she was Korean.

Maybe she’s drunken too many vodkas in her time and it has broken her inappropriate sensing scanner in her brain. Maybe I should buy her a bear hat for Christmas.

Nah, I won’t really. We all know asians are cheap as! Maybe I’ll go check out the stores of my people if she is good to me ($2 shops XP)

See, it’s all good! Racism for all! Haha 🙂

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