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Haha I wrote the last blog post thinking about what I was going to write for this one so in my last one my tone is a bit >:/

I’m going to be talking about those rude people who don’t mean to be rude and offensive but are. They are normally quite bubbly and talkative and nice, but they have no sort of brain to mouth censorship or social politeness at all. It can be embarrassing and cringing when you are listening to them talk, and it can really get you mad when you are in the receiving end of it.

So I just met this girl, and I told her that I wasn’t tall enough to reach the top racks, ans she said “guts for you, you should wear heels.” So I told her I was and she was like “guts for you twice.” in what I think she meant in a jokey sarcastic way.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, girl who do you think you are? I knew she wasn’t being mean intentionally, so I forgave her immediately. Not that she apologized, it was because I have a kind heart and she was one of those people that don’t even know that she has been offensive, because she kept talking to me afterwards. But God, if I didn’t have to see her again, I would have held a grudge.
 I’m just sitting here thinking about it, and I’m like, girl, I barely know you. Don’t talk to me like you know me and are familiar with me to joke around with. Don’t act like we are friends. We are going to be fucking polite and extra nice at first and then talk about common topics until we know about each other. THEN we can joke around. And then it might even be several years before you can joke about my height. Until then, I’M the only one who can joke about my height.

Why did she think it was appropriate for her to say that? I don’t know her well enough. I had literally JUST met her and we would have to work together in the future. Does she want to come across as a btich? Does she not think about how it might sound? This is NOT the way you establish a bond with someone. DON’T act like there is already a bond there.

Really, there are so many people out there with horrible social skills. Social skills needs to be a mandatory class taught at all years of school. You will never get far in life if you can’t talk properly and politely to people. But seriously, do you really think it is okay to not be polite and nice to someone when you have first met them? Why are you acting like we are friends when we AREN’T and aren’t supposed to, and NEVER will be? Oh my god.

Conversation and relationships have structures and relationship dynamics need to be built. Conversation follows a path that everyone walks on, and we are going to stick to it, goddammit. Walk out of that path and you will have ruined it and make people like me angry haha. I mean, why do people feel the urge to be impolite, insulting and want to be percieved as stupid people in the first place? Just be nice, smile and be genuine and yourself, is that so hard??? Surely it’s natural response??

As you can see I am utterly pissed at this girl. It did not help that people was telling me about her before and they weren’t talking about her very nicely, so I already had a bad impression of her but I didn’t want to believe it. She did not improve my perception of her after I met her. She just doesn’t recognise her own behaviour and it’s like WHY?? look at yourself, and think about how you interact with people! And improve please! Why do you find it appropriate to act so close when we aren’t? I know I’m not the first person she has done this too lolol.

Eeurgh. What a long post. I actually thought this would only be a paragraph long haha. I guess I was more bothered about it then I thought. But seriously, some people need to take a class!

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