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Aarrgh I’m such a lazy bum :/ Is anyone else like this? My friends and I are always like, ‘yay, it’s semester break let’s do this and this and this!’ and then we agree and then I’m like ‘hmmm. I’ll wait for them to text me first’. And then they don’t. And so I don’t push it because I cbf.

And then I end up sleeping in to 12:30pm and trolling around on the internet all day. Unfortunately for my lazy ass self but fortunately for my health, I have been working these past three days so I’ve had to get up early and be on my feet. But seriously, when I’m not forced to do something I am so, so lazy that even I disgust myself.
Today I went to work at my store’s outlet and spent like $100 on clothes… and they were all like, $3.75, $7.50 or my most expensive thing, which was a coat for $22 something. I was like :'( but so worth it! Budget Barbie would approve! Haha I’ve decided to shop with a new motto: If Budget Barbie or Qiu Qiu would approve, then it’s worth it!
So you can imagine, if I was buying stuff for $3.75 and I spent $100 then I bought a lot of clothes! And I did.. like so many singlets omg. When I was showing my mum what I bought I stuffed a lot in the drawers beforehand so she wouldn’t see. And then I went around the house stealing clothes hangers from everyone’s rooms. Now no one has spare coathangers, including me 0.o
I have been debating whether to tell my friends about my blog. On one hand, I will gain more views. On the other they will be seeing some pretty extreme posts… for e.g. my rant about rude people who are inappropriately rude and my little self wallowing post about getting a fucking C+ (the only thing that’s allowed to be C in my life is my boobs. I’m better than a C+ whinge whinge)
So I don’t knowwww… I am going to decide soon.. and if you’re reading this and know me, you probably followed my link off my fb status.. if you are, please don’t judge me! omg, omg I’m already nervous 0.o

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