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I love SHINee. But nobody knows. And I’m guessing you probably don’t know what a shawol even is.
Below is a picture of SHINee, an immensely popular korean pop (kpop) boyband who have millions of international  and national fans, and is one of the most biggest groups out of the genre. My favourite one is Taemin, the ginga in the middle. I know, I know, for those who don’t know who they are you are probs like WHY?? But I’ve watched so many interviews that I feel like I know them okay? And for me Taemin has the most attractive personality and I think he’s really cute okay? And plus he is a total sex machine when he dances, and is my age. If you don’t think he’s very good looking then that’s actually great news for me maybe it means he is in my league hahaha (no, he is SO goodlooking, like actually. No, I haven’t seen in him in real life and I don’t know how that question is relevant…)
This is them. I know. If you don’t know them you will be like wtf normal asian boys?? But in my eyes and in a fangirl’s eyes they are gods. Gods!
See, isn’t Taemin a cutie??
Look at that little pout! this is an advertisement for makeup that SHINee are in.
Okay, this is a bit of a stalkerish shot but look at that white skin.  Wae so flawlesssss
I’m so sorry you had to see that. But this is to prove how beautiful he is. Beautiful!
Aargha look at that smooth cheek. I want to stroke it. Omg kill me now, I’m being such a paedobear!!
A shawol is the name for the fandom/fangirls of SHINee, a name that originated from the words ‘SHINee’s World,’ their fan club name. or maybe it’s because that’s the name of the first album. Idk. I’m not a very good fangirl.

And I’m a closet shawol. I youtube SHINee interviews eng subs to death. I… might have written a fanfiction which would probably severely damage my reputation if it ever got out. I listen to their songs repeatedly even though I have no idea what they are singing. I visit the tumblr tag everyday and now google chrome says that I have visited this page too many times. I read the fanfiction, I know everything a hardout shawol would know, I’m a fucking fangirl and I’m (sort of) ashamed.

 I’m not ashamed that I like SHINee, they’re so cute and cool! No, I’m ashamed that I know so much about them. And no celebrity ever goes out with a fangirl. They somehow meet their future wives in a cafe, or behind the scenes, and their little wives don’t really know that much about them and say demure things like “I had no idea who he was until he asked me out for coffee”. Ahem. I know Taemin’s birthday(sort of), his brother’s name, how to recognise his body in pictures, when he pierced his ears, and how he gave his bracelet that he has worn for years to a girl who was terminally ill. And that’s not all. I could write a short story about the things I know about Taemin, but I won’t because that would be admitting my creepiness. And I’ve already written a short story/fan fiction awjsekfjszgjslengksf don’t you dare try find it!!!

So if I’m going to marry Taemin, I don’t think I can openly be a fangirl haha!
I’ve already made my plan. I’m going to be a TV presenter or a PR girl and when SHINee come over to New Zealand again, which they WILL considering the rising popularity of kpop, I’ll fight my way to get to interview them or look after them and then casually act as though I am just an ordinary (albiet perfectly made up, know exactly what they like and highly researched) girl who oh so happens to click so well…

I can hear the wedding bells ringing already.

Can you?

haha wasn’t that so FANTASTIC? my puns be SO ELASTIC

hahaha omg I am hilarious lololol! fyi those are SHINee song lyrics! ahahaha sorry it’s a shawol thing hahahaha omg I creep myself out I’m so ashamed ahahaha!

I knew you would appreciate it Taemin honey hahaha! or should I say, Taemin jagiya! ohhhh I’ve spent too long watching Korean variety shows that I now know a little bit of Korean.. well only the endearments because that will come in handy when me and Taemin are married.

Oh, this blog post sounds like the ramblings of a 14 year old shawol. I am ashamed of this side of me. Oh well, forever young, YOLO, child at heart, whatevs.

And another reason why I’m in the closet? Because none of my friends know who SHINee is! if I said I was a shawol, they would be like ‘you spelt shawl wrong.’ They know I like kpop, but up until a few weeks ago, my friend actually thought that kpop was a band and said “you know, kpop is coming to NZ.” So yeah, I couldn’t be a shawol even if I tried. Noone would listen to me!

Well, they’ll have to listen when I have to do a speech and Taemin and I’s wedding reception and I talk about how we met and how nobody has ever made me feel this way, I’m his sunflower forever and all this other fangirl assumptions because atm I don’t actually know him and can’t plan my speech yet, and they will tear up and CLAP  just like Taemin in the above gif goddamnit.

Here is a video of him dancing at one of his concerts. The boy is an absolute beast!

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