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Hi? How are you? I’m Esther.

Oh wtf. I’m really bad at introductions, I often end up offending people, coming across AS REALLY EXCITED!! or very snooty.
See, I’m doing it right now! It’s actually horrible and sort of embarrassing especially since I normally want to make a great impression that will have the other person in awe of my effervescent personality, my messmerising good looks and hilarious, genius wit.

Well anyway, i’m Esther. I started this blog because I really like writing, read Xiaxue’s blog (who is kick ass) and wanted to see how this venture will go.
I’m doing a Bachelor of Communications this year and I am very excited..well sort of. I still don’t know how to catch the bus from my house to the University. And I have no money because i spent all my money on clothes.

And I’m afraid that I will make a bad first impression with my shit introductions of myself..

Some other facts/things about me:

-I’m short. Like 5″. Okay, maybe 4″9. But thats okay because that’s supposed to be cute right and Kylie Minogue, Little Boots and Snooki are also around that height right AND NO I’M NOT DEFENSIVE ABOUT IT, haha allmyshoeshaveheels.

-Um..I live in New Zealand.

-I like animals. Especially cats and red pandas. No, that’s mean and specist (? is that a word?) I love all animals. Especially boys.

-I like chips. Mmmmm potatoey goodness! but the grain and cheese chips are great too. I love all you chippies.

I also like: books, clothes, makeup, making lists, movies, tv shows, music (or in other words pop culture), food, giggles and watching people eat. That is sort of creepy, but I only watch my friends eat, and they are used to it because I only watch the people I like eating. I don’t really know why, I just like watching them filling themselves with nutrition. There was one girl that I didn’t like. I never watched her eat.
 I also like going through other people’s pencil cases and seeing their tools of learning. I sound so creepy I am disgusted with myself.

I don’t like: eating fish, mosquitos and wasps.

And if you found this interesting, then hooray! I hope we become best of friends 😀

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